Philosophy and Services

Our philosophy is one of financial diversity. We believe financial independence cannot be achieved solely on one's ability to "earn a living". Using our many state of the art resources, we can assist in developing strategies for asset allocation, accumulation, conservation and distribution.

Our financial services firm was founded on the belief that proper planning can help enhance net worth and bring you closer to financial independence.

Primary Financial offers Insurance and Financial Planning* for Individuals and Businesses, including but not limited to the following portfolio-



- Personal Retirement Plans

- Life, Health and Disability Insurance

- Buy and Sell Agreement Funding

- Split Dollar Life Insurance

- Key Person Life Insurance

- Mortgage Protection and Acceleration Plans

- Financial Needs Analysis

- Estate Cost Analysis



- Mutual Funds*

- Money Market Funds*

- Municipal, Government and Corporate Bonds*

- Managed Accounts*

- General Securities Trading*

- Qualified Retirement Accounts*

- Variable Annuities*

- Fixed Annuities


Employee Benefits:

- Keogh Plans

- Pension - Profit Sharing Plans

- 401(k) and 403(b) Retirement Pans

- Group Insurance

- Executive Bonus Plans

- Deferred Compensation Plans

- Simplified Employee Pensions